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Entrepreneur- New Creative Ideas to Attend the World Cup

Entrepreneur- New Creative Ideas to Attend the World Cup


Fans of the round witch are eagerly awaiting the start of the World Cup matches in Russia, which will start on June 14 and extend over a whole month. Participating in the 2018 World Cup, from the Arab world, are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Morocco.

The four Arab countries together have about 173 million people, and a large proportion of this number are keen to travel to Russia to attend and encourage their country's teams. Note that the average price of a flight from any of the four countries to Russia at that time is about $2,200 , not including the ticket price, which is $250.

From this standpoint, Egyptian entrepreneur Sherif Hosny decided to launch “ Shaga3app ” as an application on Android and iOS operating systems last month; To allow fans of the Arab teams in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia; Compete to win a trip to one of their country's World Cup matches.

Hosni decided to start the first round of competitions from Egypt, the country whose people have long awaited for the participation of their national team in the World Cup matches for 28 years, especially since it is his hometown, in addition to that it includes more than 60% of the total population of the four countries.

The competition revolves in the framework of users to shoot short videos of no more than 20 seconds, on innovative encouragement methods with out-of-the-box ideas from their implementation and direction. Each week, the video with the most likes and shares on the app wins a prize that includes a return flight, 3 nights stay, and 1 match attendance. To watch a video announcement of the application, click here .

In just the first week of launching Shaga3app, the app attracted 5,000 users, and it's on its way to breaking the 10,000 downloads barrier now.

Hosni is now negotiating with sponsoring companies in Egypt to advertise their products on the application, and he is counting on two points: the first is reports issued globally confirming an increase in the volume of consumers' interaction with products and services by at least 50% , if the advertising content is produced by the consumer himself, This is what is known in marketing as User Generated Content.

The second point is the tendency of many companies to save their budget allocated annually for advertising through Ramadan drama (which alone accounts for 75% of the advertising cake in Egypt, amounting to 115 million dollars) in order to take advantage of the high percentage of viewers on the World Cup matches, which are only played every 4 years.

In this regard, Hosny says: “If we take into account the increased confidence of consumers in the advertisements served to them by other consumers, in addition to the cost-effectiveness of those advertisements to companies, we find that sponsoring the flights of the Shaga3app competition winners is an added advantage for any sponsoring company.”

Hosny continues: “We are currently preparing advertising campaigns with a number of companies in various sectors, including airlines, telecommunications, food and beverages, all of which are tailored to suit each company's products/services. It helped us that all companies in Egypt did not hesitate to allocate a budget It is clear to have a marketing presence during the World Cup matches.”

At the same time, Hosni does not depend 100% on the participation of sponsoring companies with their financial support, as the entire World Cup period for him is nothing but an experimental stage, during which he proves that there is a real demand for his larger basic idea.

In this context, Hosni says: “I did not launch Shaga3app on my own. I have a number of partners whose identities I will not be able to disclose for strategic reasons, and we have already allocated an amount as seed funding to cover our expenses until the end of the World Cup, and the most important for us at the moment is the success of the idea from Where the technical development, implementation and interaction of fans, so that the World Cup experience will be the nucleus of the grand launch of the largest platform for encouragement in the Arab world.”

Hosny & Partners intends to expand the idea of ​​Shaga3app after the end of the World Cup season, to become the online destination for football and sports fans in general during the various local tournaments in each country.

Perhaps the clarity of the founder’s vision stems from his previous successful experiences, as he had also established a mobile kiosk called “ Thai’a Enta ” after the January 2011 revolution, in which citizens generate innovative ideas on various local issues and events. The booth came at the time to reflect an innovative concept of citizen media .

Subsequently, the idea evolved into a mobile kiosk specializing in discovering local talent , under the name “ Sell Your Talent ”. The kiosk has attracted media attention locally and internationally. Recently, it was acquired by one of the Emaar companies in the UAE.

Will Shaga3app have the same success?


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