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03 Oct 2021

Providing the best quality data for Proagrica's ABM campaigns

Providing the best quality data for Proagrica's ABM campaigns

As part of the global RELX group, Proagrica is the trusted data management and technology partner for the agricultural and animal health sectors.

They help customers in more than 180 countries by providing the tools they need for connectivity, business visibility, operational efficiency, and traceability.

Data quality is paramount to the success of Proagrica’s Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns, with a key focus on obtaining niche information to aid in the complex sales and buying process.

Proagrica has used data partners to aid their campaigns, and while these suppliers focused on quantity, Proagrica’s key focus was on quality to facilitate their ABM campaigns. This meant Proagrica were spending valuable time and resources marketing to contacts who had no real decision-making ability.

To hit their team’s sales targets and ensure Proagrica’s continued growth, they really needed to be spending their valuable time on only the best-fit contacts for their campaigns.

That’s where Shortlist came into the picture.

Proagrica’s ABM approach means they only target a small selection of companies and create bespoke messaging to fit with each different region, element of the software and persona. Of course, to target these accounts effectively, they need to use very specific and highly targeted data touch points.

Anyone in charge of their business’ ABM will be familiar with the difficulty in finding these niche details; collating the correct data is no small feat. Proagrica understood that instead of purchasing masses of low-quality data, they needed to dig much deeper to find fewer, but precise contact data to fit their needs.

Proagrica first approached three organisations with a short brief asking for exact job titles from one company across various regions, and among those organisations was the Shortlist team.

Because we were looking by business units and personas, this project meant there were a wide variety of job titles at different levels across departments that we had to understand. On top if this, Proagrica’s target was a large organisation, meaning there were multiple influencers and decision-makers in different geographical locations doing very similar jobs.

Shortlist was chosen due to the way we worked with Proagrica. Instead of dealing with an account manager or a team offshore, they had direct communication with the person doing the analysis and research — our Data Analyst, George.

This meant Proagrica were able to have any of their questions answered by the expert directly. Our data Analyst built the data they needed and when asked to, could justify why every individual contact provided met their needs. By doing so successfully, we were able to build a strategic and meaningful relationship with Proagrica.

Thanks to the success of our bespoke targeted data build, we got awarded the initial contract. Proagrica were impressed with the service and quality of the data and continued to work with us for their ABM campaigns.

Previously, Proagrica had to manually audit and sense check data before uploading it into their CRM. But with the excellent work and verification methodology that Shortlist provided, it was easy to import directly into their CRM with confidence, saving additional auditing time and allowing their team to concentrate on marketing to the key-decision makers right away.

Proagrica now feel much more confident about outsourcing their data builds to Shortlist. In fact, because of the continued success of these ABM data build projects, we’re now a preferred supplier to the global group departments.

“I’m really happy with the quality of the data Shortlist have built for our ABM campaigns. Dealing directly with their Data Analyst George, really helped shape what it was we were looking for. George was great in his methodology of working. Asking questions rather than making assumptions, which is crucial considering the experience we’ve had with other suppliers. We are thrilled to have a supplier we can trust when it comes to building our data sets.”


Michael Foley, Proagrica


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