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15 Sep 2022

5 Must-Know Stats About Intent Data

Analyzing the intent signals not only helps your sales team to determine their position through the funnel but also gives insights into the prospect’s behavior over time and helps you structure a model that is effective for different personas.

Without intent, marketers are left in the dark, as they are oblivious about what triggers their buyers to buy.

Many marketers use intent data to nail personalization, improve content strategy and provide the buyers with what they actually need. There’s a clear and comprehensible trend of growth and investment in the coming year, and here are the stats to prove it. 

Let’s dive deep into the Intent Data stats:

  1. 99% of the companies use intent data and only 1% are unaware of this data-driven B2B marketing technique.
  2. Although ‘intent algorithms’ is a complex part but the major challenge of the intent data is human application. Not being able to make insights actionable is the biggest challenge.
  3. More than 40% of the businesses are spending more than half of the marketing budget on intent data.
  4. The impressive number of 99% of the businesses have agreed and observed an increase in sales.
  5. More than 98% of B2B professionals say that intent data is essential for demand generation.

Intelligent customer data is certainly necessary for reaching the right prospect at right time. If you also want to augment your revenue we would firmly recommend you to involve all the intent data activities to get insights about how your B2B prospect behaves throughout the funnel, intent is absolutely the smartest and most long-term strategy.

If you are curious to know more about Intent Data we can help! Share your thoughts and queries at | Walk in at our Stand: Discovery Zone, B2B-D14.


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