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26 Oct 2021

B2B Contact Finder Tool - Ampliz Sales Buddy

  • B2B Contact Finder Tool - Ampliz Sales Buddy
  • B2B Contact Finder Tool - Ampliz Sales Buddy
  • B2B Contact Finder Tool - Ampliz Sales Buddy
B2B Contact Finder Tool - Ampliz Sales Buddy B2B Contact Finder Tool - Ampliz Sales Buddy B2B Contact Finder Tool - Ampliz Sales Buddy

Ampliz sales buddy - email finder chrome extension tool gives you a reliable email address, phone number, and location to connect with potential buyers. In addition, you can also view credible information like revenue size, funding status, employee size, recent investments, and more. 

Finding email is a long and time-consuming process. If you’re looking for reliable B2B contact data, Ampliz sales buddy is a viable solution. With the Ampliz B2B contact finder chrome extension, you can easily find the email addresses and direct-dial of your potential customers to generate leads in no time.

Access 50M+ direct dials, 400M+ active business profiles, 10M companies and boost your marketing ROI. Ampliz Sales Buddy - email finder gives you robust data to reach key decision-makers and unlock attractive growth opportunities. Using Ampliz chrome extension, you can identify the potential prospects and access targeted B2B contact information.

πŸš€ Why use Ampliz B2B contact finder tool


βœ… 100% Verified B2B Contact information

βœ… 10+ Million company profiles

βœ… 5.2 Million C-suite executives

βœ… 400M+ active business profiles

βœ… 50M+ direct dials

βœ… 12+ intelligent data segments


πŸš€ How to use Ampliz B2B contact finder tool

Step 1: Add Ampliz B2B contact finder tool to your chrome

Step 2: Signup to Ampliz contact finder tool 

Step 3: Go to your prospect’s website/LinkedIn profile

Step 4: Click on the Ampliz Sales Buddy icon on Google Chrome to get data insights on companies and prospects

Step 5: You will get:

βœ… Authentic email address

βœ… Verified phone number

βœ… Company name & website

βœ… Company description

βœ… Employee and revenue size of the company

βœ… Industry type

βœ… Founded year 

βœ… Company headquarters and location

βœ… Set your persona based on industry, location, revenue, employee, seniority, and departments

βœ… Connect companies and prospects on social platforms

βœ… Identify, source, and prioritize your best prospects by exploring  Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

βœ… Filter your favorite contacts by name, job title, company, phone number, email, wishlist  and export to CSV in just one-click 

πŸš€ Features of B2B contact information  - Ampliz Salesbuddy 

With B2B contact Finder Tool - Ampliz sales buddy, get access to 5.2 Million C-levels to maximize your reach. Using Ampliz B2B data intelligence, you can :

  • Expand your market reach and grow your customer base 

  • Gain actionable insights and engage the potential buyers 

  • Optimize your marketing campaign by unleashing intelligent data segments 

  • Boost your ROI by adding Ampliz B2B contact information to your chrome

πŸš€Ampliz B2B contact finder for sales: Ampliz Email finder gives you data insights of targeted customers and helps you fill the sales pipeline. With Ampliz sales buddy the sales team can win more opportunities.


πŸš€Ampliz B2B contact finder for marketing: Ace your ABM (Account-based marketing) campaigns with accurate data of key decision-makers. With Ampliz, Marketing managers can accelerate their lead generation efforts and effortlessly narrow down more business opportunities.


πŸš€Ampliz B2B contact finder for recruitment:  Using the Ampliz data intelligence, Recruiters and staffing agencies can hire talented resources efficiently. 


πŸš€Linkedin B2B contact finder: Land on any LinkedIn profile and instantly find contact information of the ideal audience in seconds. All you need is to add the Ampliz sales buddy chrome extension, which is a go-to LinkedIn email finder tool to find targeted profiles.


πŸš€ B2B contact information - Ampliz Sales Buddy Subscription Plans


  • Sign-up and get 10 free credits every month 

  • Each credit gives you the B2B contact information of the potential lead

  • Get comprehensive B2B contact information with various data attributes

  • Upgrade plans from your dashboard to gain complete B2B contact information 

  • Extract LinkedIn information for free in CSV and XLS format


πŸš€ About Ampliz SalesBuddy - B2B Email Finder Tool

Today, many businesses, sales, and marketing teams are finding it difficult to reach potential customers and generate leads. To directly reach decision-makers and potential customers, you can just add Ampliz Sales buddy to your chrome extension and identify the potential leads. 

Ampliz sales buddy enables you to establish direct communication with the core business executives and make profitable business deals. Ampliz Salesbuddy is the legit email finder tool to find decision-makers’ contact information. 

Privacy practices

Ampliz Sales Buddy has disclosed the following information regarding the collection and usage of your data. More detailed information can be found in the publisher's privacy policy.


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