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04 Oct 2021

Marketing Automation - ClickDimensions

Native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

ClickDimensions was designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and as such, it sits right inside Dynamics.

There is no clunky moving of data from one system to another. You access everything from design to analytics, right inside your CRM system.  It's like using a single solution.

ClickDimensions features

  • Design email templates
  • Send personalized emails out to your marketing lists, lead, contact, and account records
  • Gain valuable interaction insights in your email
  • Track leads contacts and anonymous visiting your website and their visit activity
  • Have visitors fill out and submit forms to identify anonymous visitors and collect data about previous leads and contacts.
  • Send out SMS marketing communications
  • Access powerful campaign automation tools
  • Social media marketing tools


Modern marketing is about hyper-personalisation and smart data-driven campaign building, so that you're able to engage in a meaningful way, wherever your audience is in the sales cycle. Select a CRM and marketing automation solution that allows you to do that, no holds barred.

When it comes to selecting the right software, there are many good systems available, but when you need Microsoft Dynamics 365 compatibility, ClickDimensions, is in a league of its own.

Unlike off-the-shelf CRM and marketing automation systems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a perfect fit for your company, and a completely scalable, future proof and intelligent offering.


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