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14 Sep 2022

Unconventional Ways To Close Deals Using Intent Data

In sales, there is a constant conundrum since it might be difficult to predict what a prospect is thinking at any particular time. There is the information they give you, but obviously, there will be stuff that is omitted. Whether deliberate or not.

Nobody should be surprised that 75% of businesses claim that increasing their deal closings is the most crucial thing for their company. Only 46% of sales representatives, on the other hand, think they have access to the data they need to tailor the sales experience—specifically, they need data on buyer intent. B2B Intent Data helps you understand your potential buying signals, whether obvious or subtle, so you can position your product as the best choice. Simply put, buyer intent data provides insight into whether or not someone is buying your product.

What is Intent Data?

The actions your prospects or users take online in relation to your content, product, rivals, live events, influencers, or social media followers provide information about where they are in the buying process. This information is known as Intent Data.

Additionally, it reveals information about the competitors they're thinking about, their pricing point, and any other behavioral factors you should be aware of.

Why Is Intent Data Useful For Completing Deals?

You can be wasting time trying to engage folks who aren't engageable if you don't know what your leads are doing online.

For instance, you would adopt a very different strategy than you would if a potential customer were just beginning their buyer's journey by becoming aware of your company.

With the help of intent data, particularly that provided by third parties, you can:

  • Discover the user's priorities as you conduct your research.
  • Discover the decision-maker and gain insight into who is in charge of conducting the study and purchasing.
  • Recognize the businesses that are considering your product or those of your rivals.
  • Recognize when potential customers are moving into a more serious buying phase.

With that knowledge, you can use your time more efficiently to close sales.

How Can Intent Data Be Used To Close Deals?

The following information will assist you in understanding how to use Premium Intent Data to close deals:

  1. Develop content for each stage - The typical buyer's journey has three distinct phases. Each of the three stages—Awareness, Consideration, and Decision—has different interests and requirements. In order to attract users to your website and product naturally, create content for each step. Instead of focusing on your product or brand, try to keep your material on the objectives or problems of your audience.
  2. Prioritize your accounts – Prioritize your account by using Intent Data to learn what goods and services your leads are interested in. Your salespeople can learn a person's stage of consideration based on what they're doing online. Reach out to those who are most receptive to your marketing and are at the stage of the buying process where they can see the value in your product. Don't try to connect with everyone when intent data can help you connect with the most valuable and interested people.
  3. Identify your buying triggers - Using intent data, you can pinpoint the behaviors your prospects or customers take to show they are prepared to make a purchase. These can be used to start automation for your sales that inform them that their level of selling has to be raised. So, when making decisions, consider what will benefit your customers and their experience the best.
  4. Provide assistance when it's needed - One of the most popular methods to achieve this is to use a chat feature or a product guidance tool on important sites. Using a chat service has the advantage of enabling you to act on intent data while also acquiring more intent data about what users are doing on your website. On pages like pricing pages, comparison pages, or any other bottom-of-the-funnel pages that you previously defined as a purchase trigger, you can deploy chat or proactive assistance.
  5. Don't overcomplicate things - Intent data can be highly beneficial to make the most of your interactions because it provides unique insights into what a buyer is thinking. We frequently want to redesign everything when we get a tonne of fresh data from our clients. Use your intent data to improve the processes you already have in place rather than coming up with a tonne of new ones.

You can serve and offer your service or product in a more meaningful way by understanding what customers want and need from you. This is how RDIGS Premium Intent Data helps you to close deals.


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