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03 Oct 2022

Inkdesk Brand Introduction

It’s hard to find ways to drive genuinely engaged traffic.

Sure, social media & search engines are great to get the numbers up, but do you want to spend 90% of your budget with just two companies? Especially as studies have shown that audience trust is shifting away from them.

With more and more marketers finding that buyers are turning to trusted sources when making purchase decisions or just looking for inspiration, sponsored editorial seems like an obvious route…

The problem is that you’re either faced with huge one-off flat fees with limited tracking & opaque ROI… OR you’re looking at affiliate marketing which doesn’t always scream “high-quality editorial.”

We want to get you the best of both worlds.

Imagine someone reading an article about your niche sponsored by you. Any person clicking through to your site from that article is almost guaranteed to be a valuable click. That’s the dream.

Inkdesk is a marketplace platform that allows you to create performance-focused, click-based campaigns to drive high-quality, scalable traffic to your site via trusted, targeted online publications.



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