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01 Nov 2021

The Great Conspiracy - the best marketing tool you've never heard of

With quick uploads, smooth downloads and seamless share options, you can ensure you tell a consistent brand story without anything getting lost along the way.

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Keep your digital content organised and ready to share with five-star rated Digital Asset Management software to make your life easier. Bright, an established software development agency founded by Martin Wilson and Eric Clack. Bright’s products, which include digital asset management (DAM) platforms Asset Bank and Dash are used by over 800 global organisations including ITV, Santander, Unilever, Amnesty International and Virgin Atlantic. The company’s software enables its customers to store, manage and share digital assets with staff, partners and 3rd parties round the world. Flexible, scalable and fully customisable, Bright’s products are simple to use and are complemented by a first-rate customer success team.