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From Listener to Customer: Driving Conversion and ROI through Podcasting

29 Nov 2023
Keynote Theatre
Digital Marketing , Creativity & Innovation

This presentation equips attendees with valuable insights into leveraging podcasting for B2B marketing, focusing on long-term value, engagement, and strategic thinking. It covers topics such as the significance of branded podcasts, their potential impact on businesses, and the nuanced measurement of podcasting success, prioritising engagement metrics over vanity numbers. Additionally, we share practical guidance for starting and growing your own branded podcast. A real client success story underscores how podcasting can drive remarkable ROI and revenue growth. Lastly, we address the cost and timeline aspects, highlighting podcasting as a sustainable, evergreen content strategy.

5 Key takeaways:

  1. Branded Podcasts: A Soft Marketing Tool
    1. Branded podcasts are a unique and 'soft' marketing tool that indirectly influences buying behavior by providing valuable content aligned with your brand.
    2. They are ideal for businesses aiming to establish thought leadership, increase brand awareness, and deepen customer engagement.
  2. Podcast ROI and Engagement Podcast
    1. ROI is challenging to calculate but should focus on long-term relationships and engagement rather than immediate conversions.
    2. Podcasts create personal connections and offer unique storytelling opportunities, making them distinct from other media formats.
  3. Who Branded Podcasts Are Not For
    1. Branded podcasts are not suitable for direct product promotion; they require patience, persistence, and a focus on building connections.
    2. A podcast is an add-on, not a replacement for traditional marketing efforts, and it thrives on evergreen content.
  4. Objectives and Metrics
    1. Branded podcasts can achieve various objectives, including elevated brand awareness, enhanced brand loyalty, thought leadership, lead generation, problem-solving, and recruitment.
    2. Focus on resonance with your audience rather than reach, and benchmark listener numbers from the outset to guide your strategy.
  5. Client Success Story:
    1. Proven ROI Podcasting can deliver substantial returns on investment when executed strategically, as demonstrated by a 10x ROI and $1M in new client revenue within 18 months for
    2. Key strategies include tailored content, improved production quality, in-depth interview preparation, and strategic promotion for exponential growth.
Harry Morton, Founder - Lower Street

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