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Brainpower. How to harness your most under-utilised marketing asset.

29 Nov 2023
Brand, Video & Content Creation Theatre
Strategy & Planning

Despite all the hype, the best marketers don’t succeed by buying the latest tech, using cheat sheets or following what everyone else does. They use their brains.

So if you’re fed up with a constant diet of AI-this and Chat-GPT that, this session is ideal for you.

We’ll show you to make strategic marketing brainpower your secret sauce. You’ll see how even the smallest drizzle can make a remarkable difference.

Key Takeaways:

  1. When, how and why you need to use brainpower to address strategic challenges
  2. Powerful, relatable examples in both B2B and B2C
  3. Simple frameworks to get the most out of your marketing brain
  4. Key parts of the marketing mix that need the most brainpower
Simon Barnett, MD - Perfectly Picked

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We have a selection of our sessions from our 2023 event available to watch on-demand now. Re-immerse yourself in the exciting and engaging atmosphere of the B2B Marketing Expo and learn from the experts in B2B marketing.