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ChatGPT for Marketing Executives: How to Partner with AI for Creative Ideation

30 Nov 2023
Digital Marketing & Social Media Theatre
AI , Creativity & Innovation

Acclaimed speaker and tech futurist Katie Richman breaks down how to unlock one of ChatGPT's greatest use cases: creative brainstorming. This casual talk dives into AI-powered brainstorming and ideation, specifically intended for marketing and creative industry business leaders who may not yet have gotten hands-on with AI.

By breaking down the application of AI in the creative process into three critical stages, we provide a comprehensive and actionable guide for C-Suite leaders to infuse AI into their creative strategies. Through this masterclass, leaders will leave equipped with AI insights, ready to invigorate their creative processes, inspire their teams, and impress their clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leaders learn to use ChatGPT as a personal creative muse. We explore how to generate, expand, and refine ideas with ChatGPT, setting the stage for innovation.
  • We show how ChatGPT can serve as a conductor in team brainstorming sessions. Here, we delve into the dynamic interplay of ideas, consensus building, and the transformation of diverse thoughts into creative symphonies.
  • Leaders and their teams discover how to use ChatGPT to guide client brainstorming sessions. We unravel strategies to foster a collaborative environment where creativity thrives and client co-creation is harmoniously orchestrated.
Katie Richman, Founder - Technormal

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