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Create meaningful connections and increase B2B audience engagement with games.

29 Nov 2023
Digital Marketing & Social Media Theatre
Creativity & Innovation

Yes, games. 🎮 Why should B2C marketers have all the fun?!

In this session, we'll look at why an increasing number of B2B brands are turning their attention to games in marketing.

We’ll look at some common challenges faced by B2B marketers, to understand where games can fit into marketing strategies while also delivering business results.

If you'd like to do something different, get the edge on your competitors, and create meaningful and valuable connections with your prospects and customers, don’t miss it.

Key Takeaways:

🎮Understanding of the current global games market
🤔Why brands are including games in their marketing
💡Where they fit into the B2B marketing plan
📈How they’ve worked for other B2B brands through case studies and results
💩5 ways to f**k it all up and how to avoid doing that!

Cari Kirby, Head of Marketing - Peek & Poke

Watch on-demand now!

We have a selection of our sessions from our 2023 event available to watch on-demand now. Re-immerse yourself in the exciting and engaging atmosphere of the B2B Marketing Expo and learn from the experts in B2B marketing.