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How Cognism optimised pipeline for efficient growth

29 Nov 2023
Digital Marketing & Social Media Theatre
Digital Marketing

Almost overnight we had to shift gears. Gone was ‘growth at all costs’, the realities of 2023 shifted the Cognism marketing team to a laser focus on efficiency and profitability.

So how do you go about optimising your marketing? To generate more high-ACV, high-retaining customers, and at the same time, turn the ‘unhealthy’ portion of your customer base into good business?

In this session, Canberk Beker will break down the steps we took to:

  • Increase Enterprise pipeline from LinkedIn ads by 26%
  • Increase our Facebook Ad pipeline by 500%
  • Increase LinkedIn ROAS by 2x in 7 months
  • Improve PPC conversion rates by 3x
Canberk Beker, Group Global Head of Paid Acquisition - Cognism

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We have a selection of our sessions from our 2023 event available to watch on-demand now. Re-immerse yourself in the exciting and engaging atmosphere of the B2B Marketing Expo and learn from the experts in B2B marketing.