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Marketing Across the Enterprise Sales Cycle

29 Nov 2023
Demand Generation, Data, AI & Analytics Theatre
Strategy & Planning

Buying a piece of SaaS software off-the-shelf with a credit card is not the same as buying a 7-figure enterprise technology solution. So why do we try and market them in the same way?

During this session, Jason will share insights on the makeup of a modern-day enterprise sales cycle, where most brands fall short in maximizing their marketing efforts by following trends rather than the fundamentals, and how he has helped solution providers generate millions in sales pipeline by taking control of their own promotion.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How the buying process for a technology product differs from a service or solution.

  2. Where brands should (and should not!) invest their marketing dollars.

  3. How to align sales and marketing to work towards the same goal.

  4. Actionable strategy to stay top-of-mind with buyers across long sales cycles.

  5. How an enterprise B2B solution provider generated £3m in pipeline by investing in thought leadership.

Jason Bradwell, Founder - B2B Better

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