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PANEL: Marketing + Sales: A Winning Combination?

29 Nov 2023
Keynote Theatre

Sales and Marketing Alignment is an intricate dance of collaboration and consistency – the synergy between the two functions forms the essence for optimising customer engagement, driving growth, and achieving success. But which team is more important to Go-to-Market's success?

We'll explore the significance of aligning sales and marketing practices, the success stories, and pain points. You'll hear from both sides and see who is the driving factor to GTM success and how to successfully foster collaboration between sales and marketing.

Tom Boston, Brand Awareness Manager - Salesloft
Benedict Buckland, MD & Chief Strategy Officer - alan agency
Julia Pikes, Senior Marketing Director, EMEA - Hubspot
Thomas Van der Staaij, Senior Marketing Manager - Amazon Web Services
Freya Ward, Global Sales Director - Headley Media