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30 Nov 2023
Marketing Technology & SEO Theatre
Digital Marketing , Creativity & Innovation

You need a structured approach to content management. A centralized content supply chain delivers content effectively and efficiently, across all campaigns and channels.

In this session, Andy Mullings, Global Director at Bluprintx, will take you through a practical approach to unlock the road to marketing team efficiency by taking control of your content supply chain. Improved operations, reduced headcount, and increased ROI. They all follow when you’ve got control of the content supply chain.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Unleash the power of a content supply chain with a real-life case study showcasing achievable ROI gains.
  2. Unlock marketing team efficiency through the secrets of building a high-energy culture that delivers high-value, high-volume content.
  3. Discover a clear path to a well-defined content workflow that will revolutionize your marketing strategy.
  4. Be guided on how to navigate the vast array of technology options and select the perfect tools to achieve an effective and efficient content supply chain.
  5. Master how the content supply chain provides invaluable insights that improve budget optimization, time allocation, and marketing ROI like never before.
Andy Mullings, Global Director - Bluprintx