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The Global Rise of B2B Influencers and the opportunities you’ve missed so far

30 Nov 2023
Digital Marketing & Social Media Theatre
Creativity & Innovation , Social Media & Influencer Marketing

The rise of B2B Influencer marketing is the next big growth opportunity in the space. 75% of B2B marketers already use Influencers in some form yet CMO’s unanimously agree they are still only using a fraction of their potential in what is still a vastly uncharted territory. Ogilvy, in partnership with LinkedIn, has conducted the first global survey of the B2B Influencer market, combining research across 11 global markets with over 500+ senior marketers, alongside an interview series with some of the industry's most experienced CMO’s. The session will shine a light on the successes and opportunities for B2B Influence Marketing from around the globe, as well providing the must-know pieces of advice on activating Influencers helping unearth untapped value from your marketing potential.

Key Takeaways:

  • Emotion is the secret weapon of B2B communication, and human-centric story-telling sits at the heart of connecting with people.
  • Tracking real ROI from influence is now more visible than ever with 40% of CMO’s seeing warmer leaders as their success factors from Influence.
  • You’ll see more emotional brand advocacy from working with real trust people than any short-term sale can ever give you.
  • There is an untapped value in developing your employees as influencers that CMO’s have barely explored with 89% recognising their immense value to the business.
  • Influence is integrating: Weaving influencers into the fabric of your business operation in ways you haven’t thought of yet creates unimagined exponential growth.
James Baldwin, B2B Influence Lead - Ogilvy
Imogen Coles, Head of Influence, UK - Ogilvy

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