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The Increasing Value of a Website Session

29 Nov 2023
Marketing Technology & SEO Theatre
Digital Marketing

Greg will draw heavily on both his digital agency and in-house experience to lay out a case for why sessions from quality traffic sources are in many cases, becoming scarcer and more expensive for marketers.

He’ll examine threats to traffic levels across a range of online channels; grapple with what a marketer’s response should be; and advise on how we can keep website conversions and leads high. Even as quality site sessions come at more of a premium.

Greg will tackle questions like:

  1. What should a digital marketer's response be to the rising value of sessions?
  2. How do we keep website conversions and leads high?
  3. And how to do so as quality site sessions are coming at more of a premium?
Greg Landon, Head of Marketing - Leadoo

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