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Unleash Killer Content: Reduce Costs and Increase Engagement

29 Nov 2023
Brand, Video & Content Creation Theatre
Data & Analytics

Andy Johnson, Founder and Head of Client Strategy of HUT 3, takes us through three real world examples of how to generate killer content that maximises ROI, drives phenomenal demand pipeline and delivers personalised ABM programs.
In the session we:
1) Explore how HUT 3 uses insight to develop killer content ideas.
2) Discover how Atos leveraged a single “Rock content” approach over a 12 month period in their award-winning demand program.
3) How HUT 3 and UiPath delivered personalised content to 54 individual accounts in their ABM program.

Learn how to:

  1. Leverage one piece of core content - using it multiple times across your campaign.
  2. Use data insight to target your audiences more precisely.
  3. Personalise content so that it talks directly to your chosen decision makers.
  4. Maximise ROI by avoiding generating new content - time after time.
  5. Provide clear messaging to target audience.
Andy Johnson, Founder and Head of Client Strategy - HUT 3


The Marketing Leaders Summit

05.09.2024 | Waldorf Hilton Hotel, London