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Why B2B brands are crap at differentiating themselves. And how to stand out from the custard.

30 Nov 2023
Brand, Video & Content Creation Theatre
Digital Marketing

Your competition is fierce. Your copy and content are swimming in a sea of saturation. And your brand messaging is probably just vanilla. (Like everyone else in your industry).

But fear not. Konrad’s here to rescue your brand from drowning in beige B2B custard.

How? CEO and Founder of The Creative Copywriter, Konrad Sanders, has over 13 years of working with B2B businesses just like yours. And now, he’s raring to share his ten-carat diamonds of wisdom – whether it’s how to stop the marketing guessing game, or how to deliver conversion-savvy copywriting and content marketing.

Join Konrad to hear how he’s helped countless B2B brands stand out from the crowd. Crafted no-nonsense content marketing and brand messaging to cut through the noise. And sent all-important conversion rates skyrocketing.

Plus, you’ll discover how easy it is for to do the same for your brand.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Why differentiation is more important than you think (especially with the rise of generative AI)
  2. The “Curse of Knowledge” and why it ruins marketing messaging
  3. Why you should focus on your HOW, not your WHY
  4. The power of branded IP and process visualisation
  5. How to brand harder
Konrad Sanders, CEO & Founder - The Creative Copywriter

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