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Your data is lying: Building a single source of truth

30 Nov 2023
Demand Generation, Data, AI & Analytics Theatre
Data & Analytics

HubSpot customers (and potential customers) will find this session especially useful.
Uncover the consequences of your data silos. In this session, led by SpotDev’s Jemma Legg, you’ll find out some of the shocking results we’ve seen for companies with inaccurate data.
Jemma will show you how you can unearth these issues in your own business and then bring all your data into a single, reliable and trustworthy system.
We’ll explore how you can migrate and integrate your existing tech stack, and design your RevOps strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  1. 5 things you can do to improve your data today
  2. How to prepare for a data migration or integration
  3. Your RevOps kickstart checklist
John Kelleher, Chief Executive - SpotDev
Jemma Legg, Chief Operating Officer - SpotDev

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