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Brandon Baum

Brandon Baum

CEO, StudioB

BrandonB is one of the most creative and popular content creators in the business. He’s currently the largest VFX video creator in the UK, thanks to a mix of mind-blowing special effects, light-hearted comedy, and how-to videos which expose the method behind his madness.

He has grown a cross-platform audience of over 13.5 million followers and reached over 8.5 billion views. His VFX-driven content draws in high-end branded pieces and collaborations with stars such as Tom Holland, Tyson Fury, Jake Gyllenhall, among many others.

Brandon is also the CEO of StudioB, a digital-first production company creating social content for some of the biggest brands in the world, like Disney, Netflix, Meta and many more. Obsessed with the ‘Science of Social’, Brandon and his team of social-first creatives at StudioB live and breathe the world of social media and understand exactly how to create those magical viral moments that propel brands and faces to the masses.


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