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Ciarán Reardon

Ciarán Reardon

Director, Embrace Marketing

Ciarán is a director at full service B2B agency, Embrace Marketing. He works across a range of B2B clients helping to enhance B2B customer journeys – especially digitally. His strengths are his meticulous approach, technical abilities, and application of successful UX, search, SEO, and paid activities. He enjoys crunching the numbers and analysing and interpreting data to maximise ROI.

Prior to Embrace Marketing, Ciarán worked for a leading customer advocacy agency with multinational technology clients including HP, Microsoft, Citrix, Equinix, Alcatel-Lucent and Red Hat. Managing a range of client-focused collateral for account-based marketing generated his interest in gaining a deep understanding of relating product and service experiences to customer wants and needs.


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