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Katie Richman

Katie Richman

Founder, Technormal

Katie Richman is a web3 writer, thought leader, and hands-on coach, conducting emerging tech workshops and 1:1 coaching series with industry leaders, executives, and public figures outside of Silicon Valley and the tech industry. Her current passion is generative AI (like ChatGPT) and how it is going to fundamentally change humanity and life as we know it.

Katie taps into her 22 year career across media (Nickelodeon, Oxygen Media, ESPN, X Games) and tech (Facebook Reality Labs, Media Partnerships, and Meta's New Product Experimentation team) to discuss, write and teach others how to use new technologies to meet their business and life goals.

Katie's passion is the intersection of human behavior, sociology, and technology. She believes that if cavemen (cavepeople?) had access to social media, they would have posted selfies, too. Her vision of web3 is a world where we reconnect with each other IRL, living our lives in a world augmented by layers of personalized technology.

Subscribe to Katie's Technormal newsletter ( and connect with her on LinkedIn to talk more about the intersection of data, AI, augmented reality, geolocation, and the real-world.

If you ever need a web3 coach or a ChatGPT prompt-whisperer, she does that too:


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