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Lisa Eaton

Lisa Eaton

Founder and CEO, Fabric Academy

Lisa Eaton is an accomplished entrepreneur, marketing expert and strategy consultant.

Lisa is Founder and CEO of Fabric Academy, an online training provider that empowers ambitious marketers and marketing teams to excel worldwide.

Established in 2021, Fabric is a marketing academy providing learners with the tools and knowledge to build their own marketing strategies. The Fabric framework, recognised globally, bridges the gap between academic learning and what industry requires, transforming marketers of the future and delivery marketing effectiveness.

The academy's CPD-accredited marketing strategy course has attracted learners from all over the world, significantly impacting the careers of its marketing alumni and their organisations.

Making huge waves in the marketing education landscape, Fabric has already attracted brands such as Indeed, Boots, The Body Shop, itsu and Savills to support their marketing teams.

With more than two decades of experience in creating and executing marketing and communication strategies for global brands, Lisa has a deep understanding of what it takes to develop a high-level marketing strategy that makes an impact while delivering tangible business results and is here to share those learnings with you.


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