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Synergistic Growth Strategies for your Marketing and Sales Teams

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🗓️ Tuesday 5th March | ⏰ 3pm (GMT) | 📍 ONLINE


About the session:

In the session, we will be joined by 3 experts in creating synergy within the sales and marketing team and how you can harness the power of your CRM system to align goals, improve performance and increase revenue.

Sponsored by 6Minded


Mat Jachna, CEO, 6Minded

CEO and Founder of 6Minded, HubSpot Diamond Partner, Mat Jachna brings over 15 years of expertise in CRM and Marketing Automation systems. His skills and achievements in the CRM platform implementation and the execution of successful inbound marketing campaigns have been repeatedly recognised with various certifications and awards. Mat's leadership and experience have been instrumental in securing several million euros through licenses and service deals.

Mat's Session details:

Beyond Sales: CRM as a Holistic Data Hub for Business Triumph 

63% of customers say the best brands exceed expectations across the customer journey. Are you one of them? In this session, we'll debunk the misconception of CRM as just a sales tool, illustrating its impact across all customer-facing departments. Through practical use cases, we’ll unveil how to deepen customer knowledge, align products with needs, and tailor journeys for exceptional personalization, transforming your brand into one that consistently exceeds expectations. Ready to align?

Key takeaways:

1. Transform your view of a CRM as a sales tool; it’s the ultimate customer powerhouse.

2. Use integrated customer view to unlock the door for creative, engaging, personalized campaigns that accelerate sales cycles.

3. Align data across core teams to eliminate customer doubt and frustration, ensuring a seamless path to purchase and encouraging repeat business.

Freya Ward, Global Sales Director, Headley Media

Freya Ward is the Global Sales Director at Headley Media, specialists in B2B demand and lead generation for technology vendors and agencies worldwide. As a business leader with an impressive career, Freya has spent over a decade working in B2B marketing and sales positions across both agency and publisher roles. Freya now heads up the Sales and Marketing teams at Headley Media, alongside maximising results for her B2B tech clients by advising them on the most strategic B2B marketing and lead generation tactics to use based on their campaign objectives.

Freya's Session Details:

Aligning Content Strategies for Maximum Impact in Sales Funnel

Key takeaways:

1. Explore how a cohesive content strategy can align marketing and sales efforts throughout the sales funnel. This could cover creating targeted content, utilizing storytelling techniques, and ensuring consistency in messaging to enhance customer engagement and conversion rates.



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Data and AI

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Data and AI have become increasingly important in marketing in recent years. With the explosion of digital marketing channels, there is an abundance of data available on consumers and their behaviours. The challenge for marketers is how to make sense of all this data and use it to inform their marketing strategies.

AI can help with this challenge by processing and analysing large amounts of data quickly and accurately. Machine learning algorithms can identify patterns and insights that may not be immediately apparent to humans, enabling marketers to optimise their campaigns for better performance.

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