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Scaling Marketing Operations — Integration, Efficiency & Unified Customer Experience in Media and Advertising

In this session we were joined by Hideki E. Hashimura, CMO at redk, Shaked Hershkovitz, Global Director of Solutions Engineering at and Tom Jeanes, Head of Sales at redk for the findings on their latest report: Developing a Framework for Scaling Marketing Operations.

Sponsored by redk

Digital Marketing and AI

in this session we were joined by James Kiroly, Strategy Director at Zenzero and Gulliver Handley, Manager of Global Client Solutions at Criteo.

They demonstrated the latest advancements in AI and Digital Marketing and gave us an insight into what we can expect over the next few years, check out the full session here.

Sponsored by Zenzero

Synergistic Growth Strategies for your Marketing and Sales Teams

In the session, we were joined by 3 experts in creating synergy within the sales and marketing team and how you can harness the power of your CRM system to align goals, improve performance and increase revenue.

Sponsored by 6Minded

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The Marketing Leaders Summit

05.09.2024 | Waldorf Hilton Hotel, London