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19 Nov 2020

16 best practices from 16 years in marketing

Things I've learned from marketing IT and software that can be applied to all industries. When I started my marketing career, Facebook was only a few months old, and YouTube and Twitter weren't even born for another year. Although I'm by no means a veteran, it shows the sheer pace of digital change in the noughties and the teens. As marketing technology continues to change and evolve at an unforeseen pace, the goals of any good marketing team in any industry remain pretty consistent; generating qualified demand to fuel the revenue funnel. In this session, Ben will share some real-life marketing experiences from his 16 years in the field, some tangible things that have worked and some that haven't.
  • Setting marketing up for success.
  • The best content for lead gen.
  • Avoiding alienating people in your first email.
  • When and how to qualify a 'lead'.
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