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18 Nov 2020

Cut The Crap - How Businesses Can ACTUALLY Utilise Their People To Drive Performance On Social Media (LinkedIn Focussed)

The world of content, advice and social media experts & gurus has exploded over the last three years - and knowing who to trust, who to listen to and what to actually do is becoming harder and harder. Ever heard such a thing as too many chefs?

Well, in a world where people are selling this, that and the other on how to "get seen", optimise and "smash" social media, we've decided to cut through the crap to share actual actionable advice.

This talk highlights the observations made personally and professionally during a three year period, on how businesses can now utilise their people to drive both personal and brand content performance. With a special focus on the sales forces that is LinkedIn. This talk will hold no punches with regards to the world of the LinkedIn guru. So let us help you cut through the crap and actually get things done.

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