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19 Nov 2020

Four ways to triple the leads and sales your website generates without spending a penny on advertising

Many websites are unprofitable for their owners not because they don't get enough traffic, but because they do a horrendous job of turning visitors into leads or sales.

In this session, Tim shares 5 simple tweaks you can make to your website's layout and messaging to transform its conversion rate, and significantly increase the profitability of any traffic you're already getting, as a result.

  • Most underperforming websites are unclear about what they want the visitor to do. This is equivalent to a salesperson never asking the prospect for the sale.
  • High-performing websites offer a strong lure to their visitors, to incentivise them to take the next step in the buyer journey.
  • Your audience is busy, stressed, unfamiliar and impatient. Most websites fail their visitors by expecting prior knowledge, perfect information retention, or 'perfect world' user journey. And this is why they suck at driving revenue.
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