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19 Nov 2020

The Future of Creative Production

In a year when everything changed, creative production has been no exception. The world's leading B2B brands have had to rethink everything from how they work with agencies to how they source footage for campaigns. In the process, they're creating content that is more cost-efficient, timely, adaptable, diverse and authentic -- driving better results.

In this talk, Emma Jowett, Shutterstock's Corporate Director for the US and Europe, will share the new ways B2B brands are leveraging a global network of creators, new types of stock footage, and new technologies to transform their creative production process. She'll also discuss the tools every brand needs in place to make the most of each campaign.

  • The evolution of "stock" imagery and its top uses
  • How B2B brands are leveraging 360 video, drones and audio in new ways
  • Best practices for working with a distributed production team & ensuring diversity
  • How to bring down campaign costs through better metadata & content management 
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