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18 Nov 2020

There & Back Again : Creating Better Understanding of Mental Health & its Relationship to Organisational Culture & Performance

The world around us is changing. Society is changing. The demands on people, especially within the workplace, are changing. And to an extent, we have recognized we must do something to address this change and adapt our organisations to accommodate this ever-evolving environment. When it comes to our workers for example, Mental Health is a now one of the biggest areas of increasing concern to today's organisations.

However, acknowledging this is one thing, knowing how to address the concern is something entirely different. According to the World Health Organisation, the economic cost of mental ill health in the UK is estimated at around £74-99 Billion per annum. Depression is now the number 1 cause of disability, absenteeism, presenteeism and productivity loss among working age adults. Although people might discriminate against this as a viable illness, the illness does not discriminate against us as people. It will affect 1 in 4 adults in our lifetime. Given today's UK population figures, that is over 1 billion people. In its extreme, suicide is now the number 1 cause of death in men aged 21-49 in the UK. And these statistics are getting worse - so where do we start?

Barry Fitzpatrick will take you on a journey that acknowledges the issues facing today's organisations and provide an example of the ripple affect they can have on real people. However, he is here to acknowledge there can be a silver lining. Barry will demonstrate that by creating an honest and open culture that promotes meaningful conversation is our first step. Through the use of a groundbreaking and unique Emotional Intelligence L&D platform amongst other tools, he will demonstrate that the workplace will not only open doors to a culture that supports industry leading development and productivity increases in its people - but he will demonstrate how to build the platform to tackle this growing epidemic that is mental ill health, and ensure that we are supporting a future where our people can thrive, in every aspect of their lives.

3 Key Takeaways:


  • How mental ill health can adversely affect an individual in and out of the working environment
  • How to create an open and honest organisational culture that supports a sustainable environment of people development and productivity increases, in a careful and responsible way
  • What tools your business can implement to achieve this ambitious target of creating an environment where everyone can thrive.
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