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18 Nov 2020

Unloved, unused and underrated. How to turn your email signatures into a powerful marketing tool.

Every day your employees are in contact with your target group - via e-mail. On average, each employee writes 34 e-mails per day, which are opened approximately 2.5 times! For a 100-person company, that means 3,102,500 chances each year to place targeted messages at your target group.

Find out how you can make smart use of each of these personal contacts to generate more attention, more customers and more sales for your company - with every e-mail sent. We show you how to use professional signature marketing and innovative technologies to turn your e-mail signatures into a powerful and measurable marketing channel

  • Get to know the potential of ESM2. Learn best practices by real-world examples
  • Discover how modern technology can upgrade employee email communications
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