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B2C marketing teams have long included social media and influencer marketing as part of their strategy. Social media is key for businesses to connect with their customers as it allows improved customer service and social selling. But creating a presence on these platforms opens other doors that need considering, like creating brand awareness, educating your audience, and building credibility and trust. How can B2B businesses thrive on social media? What are the best practices to start influencer marketing for your B2B brand? These are the questions we will strive to answer in this upcoming expert topic series


Gordon Glenister


Gordon Glenister is the Chair of the Branded Content Marketing Influencer Steering Group and Chief Strategy Officer for Audience2Media. Gordon is also the author of the best-selling book Influencer Marketing Strategy and host of Influence the Global podcast.

Alvin Gunputh


Alvin is the Social Media Manager for Social Media Boffins has over 10 years of experience in social media marketing, working with agencies, brands, and businesses across all levels, both domestically and internationally.

Having run his own social media marketing agency, he has also headed up the social media strategic approach for leading travel brand P&O Cruises and financial services brand LV=.  

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