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Access & Deliveries

Please see the show timetable for dates & times.

Event Delivery System

Pre-book online for all vehicles unloading. All cars, vans and lorries need to book in advance to receive an Event Delivery Pass using our online system powered by Voyage Control.

Please ensure that you & your contractors are aware of your stand number and approximate location. You will be parked as close to your hall and stand location as possible. Make sure you unload as quickly as possible.

Vehicles will have minimum time to deliver before being moved on. If the driver is required to access the halls, they will need to have completed the CDM form here  Please do this before arriving onsite.

There is no holding area either onsite or offsite, so when booking a timeslot it is important you do not arrive more than 15 mins before this time.


There are a number of hotels within close proximity of the venue. Accommodation is usually in great demand and you are advised to book early. We have arranged special discounts and allocations at several local hotels. 

We've officially partnered with EventBeds™ by NuBreed Hotels to offer a complimentary VIP Concierge Service for this year’s event accommodation. You will find exclusive deals at localised hotels with savings up to 30% and benefit from dedicated support, provided by a team of event & travel professionals.

We'd recommend to book soonest through the EventBeds™ VIP Concierge page here or you can contact their Concierge Team directly at with your requirements


The consumption of alcohol within the halls during build up and breakdown is not permitted and anyone working under the influence of alcohol may be removed from the venue. No stands at the show are allowed to sell or sample alcohol, either for on or off-site consumption.


No animals, with the exception of guide dogs, are given access to the exhibition hall at any time.

Audio-visual Services

Aztec are the official supplier to the show. Please visit their shop to view the range of services available. Aztec will have technicians on hand throughout the event to assist you and work closely with the organisers to deliver the event.

Badges & Passes

Each Exhibitor will be required to wear an exhibitor badge to gain access to the Hall during the Build-Up, Open Period and Breakdown. Please note, these badges must only be worn by employees or temporary stand staff of the Company. 

Please order exhibitor badges here 

All contractors wishing to gain entry to the Hall during Build-Up and Breakdown must complete this form to confirm you have read and understood the Site Rules and CDM regulations.

A registration desk will be open throughout the build and open period of the show should you require any additional passes on-site. We recommend that all passes are ordered in advance to avoid queuing and maintain social distancing.


The Organisers do not accept any responsibility or costs arising from the use of gas filled balloons becoming trapped in the roof structure or ventilation system at ExCel London. You could be charged £250+ for removal of balloons.

The max height for balloons on your stand is 4m to the top of the balloon. For anything higher, please contact customer success. No Helium canisters can be left on site overnight or during the open period. Please make sure to include any details of balloons in your risk assessment. 


Vending machines and ATM machines are available inside the ExCeL venue. 

There are two ATMs near the west entrance of the venue by Costa and Panini Pronto, and another ATM in the centre of the boulevard between entrances S6 and N6. There is a Barclays and an ATM located on level 0 between N4 and S4. Should the in-venue ATMs run out of cash, there is also an ATM nearby at the Tesco Express.


All exhibitor rigging must be declared on your Health & Safety declaration form as well as your stand plan drawings and submission documents. All technical and cost related enquiries should be directed to the venue rigging department with prior approval of the organisers and may incur a sponsorship fee.

Please note: all banners showcasing an exhibitors brand must be positioned at least 1m from any dividing wall.

Barcode Scanners

To order your data scanner and for more information, please visit the order forms page. 

Build Up & Break Down

Build up:

All vehicles unloading, whether cars or lorries, will need to book in via Voyage Control. Please follow the venue guidance on deliveries here. When you arrive, you will be directed to the relevant part of the Lorry way to park and unload. Please make sure you are familiar with your event name, hall number and stand number to ensure you are directed to the best entrance for your stand location. 

Once unloaded please take your vehicle back to the underground car park to make space for other exhibitors.

Please ensure that you bring a Hi-Vis Vest to wear on build up day. This is essential to gain access into the hall and will not be allowed in until wearing one. Please also make sure you are wearing covered, thick soled shoes.


The show closes at 16.30hrs on Thursday 30th November and you may not begin breaking your stand down before this time. Once the organiser is happy that the halls are clear of visitors you will hear an announcement that breakdown may begin.

All exhibitors, contractors and show suppliers must book every time they need to access the loading bays, whether during build-up, break-down or in exceptional circumstances during show open. 

Please ensure you book a slot appropriate for the predicted load time and ensure the stand can be fully dismantled by this time.

Please note that you will be required to wear hi-vis vests in the loading bays and in the halls during build up and breakdown and that children under 16 are not permitted in the halls during this time.

Business Services

There is a shop on level 0 at the bottom of the stairs near N4/S4 which sells a range of stationery items and can also do photo copying and faxing. This shop has its own Bureau de Change.  


Showlite is the official contractor supplying carpet to stands.

Space only stands do not include floor covering, unless specified in your contract, and exhibitors must make their own arrangements. All space only carpets and floorcoverings must be disposed of by the exhibitors at the end of the event. Please visit the order forms page to order from the carpet supplier. 


If you intend to use any chemicals, you must notify the organisers by declaring your activities on your health & safety declaration form. You will be required to submit a risk assessment and COSHH assessment, in order to comply with the venue’s regulations. COSHH regulations must be adhered to.


In accordance with Health & Safety regulations, children under 16 years of age are not permitted in the Exhibition Halls during the build-up and breakdown periods. There are no exceptions to this rule. With regard to the show open periods, please refer to Section 18 of the Children and Young Person’s Act 1933, which outlines the laws regarding conditions for children working. If you intend for a person under 16 years of age to be working on your stand you must notify the organisers in advance of the show. You may be asked to show a copy of the Employment Permit issued by the education department of your local authority.


Stand carpet cleaning is provided by the venue as part of the exhibitors’ package. However, exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their own exhibits. Anything left in the gangways will be treated as waste and will be disposed of.


One cloakroom is in the west end of the venue on level 0 by N4/S4 and one in the east end on level 0. Cloakrooms are open during show hours which vary between events, check the show hours as you leave your belongings. 

Deadline Dates

Please refer to the order forms page for key deadlines we would like you to be aware of. Services can often be available after the deadline date, however some of the costs may increase or availability may be restricted after this time.


Any deliveries or mail for exhibitors at the show should be addressed as below:

B2B Marketing Expo 2023
Stand name & number
Contact name & mobile number
Halls S7-S10
ExCel London
One Western Gateway
E16 1XL

You must ensure that a member of staff is on the stand to take delivery or sign for any goods. We are unable to accept delivery of goods on your behalf.

We are unable to accept deliveries before the start of the show tenancy, please contact CEVA to make alternative arrangements.

Couriers should follow the same directions to get to the venue, however they are not required to book a time slot for access. When they arrive, couriers will be instructed to the traffic office where they will be issued a docket for the lorryway. A representative from the exhibiting company must meet them to receive the goods.

Please contact the organisers if you need to make deliveries during show open hours.


Demonstrations should be highlighted on your health & safety form and a risk assessment completed for your activities.

Crowding of the aisles, walkways and entrances by visitors watching presentations are not permitted. Where neighbouring stands cannot mutually agree on satisfactory level for such activities, the organiser will act as an arbiter. The Organisers decision is final and non-negotiable.

The organisers reserve the right to curtail practice, which they consider dangerous or detrimental to the show. Noise levels must be kept below 50 decibels and not cause annoyance to neighbouring exhibitors and/or visitors. In the case of dispute the organiser’s decision is always final. We reserve the right to disconnect the stand power.

Dilapidations & Damages

You are not permitted to fix to any part of the fabric of the building and charges will apply to any associated damages. Charges will also apply for paint spillage, abandoned carpet tape, etc.

  • In terms of rubbish anything that will not fit into a black plastic bag will not be collected by the cleaners - it will be deemed as abandoned waste and will be charged for.
  • Shell scheme and turnkey exhibitors are also reminded they are responsible for all shell scheme panels and will be charged for any damages through inappropriate fixings, painted panels etc.
  • Space only exhibitors are reminded that ALL stand fitting materials, exhibits and flooring must be removed from the halls during breakdown
  • The venue management will charge for any damage made to the walls, floors, paintwork, carpeting and other facilities. Therefore, exhibitors must protect the walls, flooring and fabric of the hall from damage at all times, particularly when moving materials or equipment and if painting or using other fluids on site.
  • Notices must not be affixed to the fabric of the building without prior permission. Sticky fixers, Blue tack, Sellotape must not be used on painted surfaces. Under no circumstances must cables, wires etc be attached or affixed directly to the walls or ceilings in the main exhibition areas. All Exhibitors need to be self-sufficient with regards to use and provision of equipment and the rigging/de-rigging of display material.

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) / Equalities Act & Disabled Facilities

ExCel London and the Organisers endeavour to provide all visitors the same opportunities. ExCel London aims to be fully accessible and user-friendly for disabled visitors. For further information please visit the ExCel website