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Our seminar programme has been curated to provide you with the very latest in B2B Marketing, whether you're looking to be more automated with your digital marketing, implement a new channel to your marketing strategy, don't know where to start with video content, looking to grow your pipeline and up the value of your leads or for some insider secrets for 2024, we've got you covered!

Keynote Theatre

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  1. Keynote Theatre
    • Strategy & Planning
    • Trends & Big Ideas
    Thought leadership was originally conceived as a key brand-building strategy in B2B. Yet, increasingly it is being used as an activation tactic. Reducing it to a honey pot for data capture not only un ...
  2. Keynote Theatre
    • Strategy & Planning
    • Trends & Big Ideas
    Today, “do more with less” rings hollow as burnout is real, and it's hard to see how working a few more hours is going to make any difference at all. The truth is; we can do A LOT more without sacrifi ...
  3. Keynote Theatre
    • Social Media & Influencer Marketing
    Harrison is going to take you through everything you need to start putting out video content TODAY. No more excuses, no more buying expensive equipment & no more pushing it to the bottom of your list ...
  4. Keynote Theatre
    Sales and Marketing Alignment is an intricate dance of collaboration and consistency – the synergy between the two functions forms the essence for optimising customer engagement, driving growth, and a ...